Mike James is a multi-instrumentalist from La Crosse, Wisconsin, who performs on Guitar, Steel Guitar, Dobro and Electric Bass. He performs many styles of music including jazz, blues, R&B, country, folk, bluegrass and classic rock.

Want to attend one of Mike's public performances? Visit the "Calendar" in the website menu to find out when and where he's playing. He performs with a wide variety of groups with diverse musical styles. You can also check out some video of Mike performing on his YouTube channel.


Since 1994 Mike has been teaching guitar, steel guitar, dobro and electric bass full-time to students of all ages and levels, from beginner to master level. Currently Mike teaches at Leithold Music in La Crosse, and Reed's Music Studio in Onalaska. Learn more in the Lessons section of the website.

Writer & Publisher

In 2013 he published his first guitar chord method book "Inversion Guitar Chord Method" that has sold hundreds of copies. In 2019 Mike has four method books that all have a unique and organized method. To view all of mikes books go to the Method Books section on the website.

Social Media

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Miscellaneous Projects

C Music Staff - - A music staff designed by Mike James to be more intuitive than the grand staff.

Octatonic Altered Scale - An eight tone scale and scale system innovated by Mike James that is used for jazz improvisation.

Creative Sequencing for Improvisation - A practicing system to expand ones rhythmic perception.

Modal Dominant Scales - A major scale approach for 7th chords that is not commonly taught.