Taking lessons can be intimidating for anyone. Most people believe that to play an instrument they must have a background in music, be naturally talented or be very young when they start. These are misconceptions. Lessons are for all ages. Currently Mike James' studio hosts a wide variety of students whose ages range from 7 to 70+. He teaches a lot of beginner adults.

The Method

Teaching in a practical way has been Mike's mission as a teacher. He has developed concise and clear methods of teaching guitar. These methods are taught through Mike's books and materials provided in the lessons.


There are 42 weeks of lessons per year with 10 weeks of breaks for holiday and vacations. Please note that the monthly tuition rate does not include those weeks on break, but covers the 42 weeks only. The holiday and vacation schedule are conveniently listed on the Calendar page.

Tuition is paid on a monthly payment plan and payment is expected on the first attended lesson of each month. (Tuition rate) X (42 weeks) divided by (12 months). Tuition is the same amount regardless of the number of lessons in the month.

Tuition rates will never change for current ongoing students. If weekly lessons are paused by the student for any reason, it is possible for that student's tuition rate to be higher if a monthly rate change had occurred anytime after they had originally started lessons.

Cancellations & Lesson Credit

If a student needs to cancel a lesson, please give the teacher as much notice as possible. Makeup lessons and refunds are not options due to the limited hours lesson times are available. Any lesson canceled by the teacher that is not a part of the 10 week holiday/vacation schedule will be credited towards the next month's tuition or refunded.


When a student feels it is time to discontinue lessons, please know that Mike requires a two-week notice. All departing students should plan to finish the current month, as any remaining time will not be refunded.

Remember, you may loose your current lower tuition rate if the monthly rate had changed anytime after you originally started lessons.

Online Tuition Payment

PayPal to my Email and Venmo to my Cell.