Mike James performs in many styles of music. His background was initially in jazz guitar which gave him the knowledge and ability to play many styles of music.

Whether he is playing solo or with a larger group, the guitar is the instrument with which he is most musically connected with.

Steel Guitar

The origins of the steel guitar are found in Hawaiian, Western Swing , Country and Blues music. Mike plays many styles on the steel guitar. It has a sound that is unique and is an instrument that is becoming more uncommon among musicians.


The Dobro is used widely in bluegrass and country music. Mike really enjoys the rootsy blues sound of the Dobro. The instrument has the ability to go from melodically simple to burning fast bluegrass in an instant. It's one of the most dynamic instruments in music.


Mike plays a heavily modified Fender Jazz fretless bass. His musical roots are in modern jazz bass, listening to great players like Jaco Pastorius. He really enjoys being featured as a soloist while improvising on the bass.